Low Tack Vinyl Wall Decal

Add some life to your walls with custom vinyl wall decals. These adhesive vinyl wall decals are printed on 8mil low tack adhesive that are re positional. They are great for commercial and residential use, print your company logo on your office walls or use them to decorate the walls at your home. These low tack decals are for indoor use only.

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Adhesive Vinyl Decal Printing & Design

Adhesive vinyl decals are available in low tack and high tack adhesive. The low tack decals are printed re positional which are great for printing custom graphic on walls indoors. If you're looking for waterproof adhesive vinyl, high tack adhesive is a good choice. Great for outdoor use with permanent adhesive. Stick your graphics anywhere with adhesive vinyl decals.


Adhesive Vinyl Printing Options:

8mil Low Tack Adhesive (Indoor)

Printed on 8mil Low Tack Adhesive Vinyl, these decals are re positional and for indoor use only.

4mil High Tack Adhesive (Outdoor)

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4mil Adhesive Floor Graphics

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8mil Low Tack Adhesive Vinyl Decal

Adhesive vinyls must be prepared with the following specifications:

8mil Low Tack Adhesive: Our 8mil Wall Graphic is made of a low-tack adhesive vinyl. Unlike a regular sticker - it will not leave any adhesive residue behind when removed. Wall Graphics are perfectly suited for smooth, non-textured surfaces such as walls, desks and glass. This material can be removed and re-applied many times. Your Wall Graphics will have one printed surface with a paper backing. For this product you will be able to create custom cut-out shapes.

Bleed: no bleed, no crops - make your artwork exactly the size you are ordering.

Resolution: Full scale at approximately 200 dpi (dot per inch).

Color Mode: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).
File Type: Please save your files as PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG.

4mil High Tack Adhesive Vinyl Decal

4mil High Tack Adhesive: These stickers can be creatively applied to any smooth, clean surface, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our High Tack adhesive vinyl are printed on the front of white 4mil vinyl with permanent adhesive backing, attached to an unscored release liner. They are very durable and are not meant to be removed after application. If removal is attempted, they may peel off unevenly leaving an unwanted result. We do not recommend you adhere this product to any item you will want to remove it from at a later time.

Bleed: Ensure you have .5" on all sides of your artwork; do not add crops.

Resolution: Full scale at approximately 300 dpi (dot per inch).

Color Mode: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).
File Type: Please save your files as PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG.

4mil Adhesive Vinyl Floor Graphics

4mil Adhesive Floor Graphics: Our Floor Graphics are printed on 4mil flexible vinyl and have a removable acrylic adhesive. 6mil of clear overlaminate is added for a total thickness of 10mil. Suitable for short-term interior applications, the base vinyl will adhere well to most surfaces and can be easily removed from them as well.

Tile, laminate or other smooth floor types must be thoroughly cleaned prior to Floor Graphic application. Make sure that painted floors have excellent paint adhesion before application as well. The base vinyl is not recommended for concrete, asphalt, carpet or any exterior application.

The 6mil overlaminate is a clear, polished vinyl film with a slight texture that provides both a protective overlay and slip-resistance. Classified under UL 410 for floor graphics applications, the overlaminate can withstand most common floor cleaning chemicals and methods.

Under normal exposure conditions, our Floor Graphics can be removed within six months of application.

Bleed: Ensure that you have 0.5" on all sides of your artwork for a 1" total.

Resolution: Full scale at approximately 300 dpi (dot per inch).

Color Mode: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).
File Type: Please save your files as PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG.

You can also find answers to commonly asked questions on the FAQ's page or by contacting us by phone or email.

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Request A Custom Print Estimation

We offer print quotes for products that are currently not available for order on our website. Please read the information below prior to submitting an estimate. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.


Quantity/Paper Stock

  • Our estimate quantities are limited to those available under the standard product category. We will be unable to accommodate any in-between quantities.
  • Our paper stocks are limited to those available under the standard product category. Custom stocks are not available.

Size Specs

  • 11PT, 14PT, 14PT Uncoated, and 16PT: 1.5x3.5 up to 27x39
  • 100LB Paper Stock: 3x4 up to 27x39
  • Magnets: 2x3 up to 21x17
  • Sticker: 2x3 up to 22x28

Coating/Color Options

  • UV Coating: Available on 14PT, 16PT, Stickers, Magnets and 100LB Paper Stock
  • Spot UV Coating: Available on 11PT, 14PT, 16PT
  • AQ Coating: Available on 100LB Paper Stock, 11PT
  • Spot AQ Coating: Available on 100LB Paper Stock, 11PT


  • Sizes Available: 4x6 up to 12x12
  • Maximum page count for self cover booklets on 11PT Gloss Cover is 12 pages
  • Self cover booklets are available on 70LB Premium Uncoated, 100LB Gloss Paper, 11PT Gloss Cover
  • No option available for self covers on 14PT & 16PT card stock
  • Please specify the cover stock choice and the page count in the additional note section of the estimate request page.
  • No Perforation, Die Cut or Business Card slits on Booklets.


  • No collating without Saddle Stitching.
  • No Inserting available.
  • Only Saddle Stitching is available.

Envelope Sizes

  • Envelopes are available on 70LB Premium Uncoated and 70LB Linen
  • Finish size 9.5x4.125 (#10) Flat size 16.5x9.5
  • Finish size 9x12 Flat size 15x19.75
  • Finish size 10x13 Flat size 16x20.75
  • Finish size 5.25x7.25 Flat size 9.5x11.25


  • No Bindery / Die Cutting on any sticker
  • Standard round corners are die-cut with a radius of 0.25
  • All custom die cuts will require a die strike; Custom die charges will be applied


  • Shipping depends on product weight and shipping location.

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